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Do you want an online adoption and fostering centre?

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Do you want an online adoption and fostering centre?


Why does your opinion matter?

Every vote you cast will relate back to various animal rescued groups in Hong Kong. We hope it proves sufficient demand by the public to adopt or foster dogs and cats that rescued groups will be happy to use this tool.

How does this tool aim to work?

Simple. It aims to centralise information on dogs and cats waiting for home and match those animals with possible adopters and fosters. It’s more than just a list but provides a search engine and tips to enable a successful post-adoption life for the public. And a user-friendly interface with tools for rescued groups and individuals to ease the workload.

Is this tool profit-making?

No, it is non-profit. The purpose of this tool is ease the adoption and fostering process and increase the “demand” for adoption over purchase.

How does Hellodog involve?

When we get enough votes, we will activate a research stage to gather opinions from both the public and rescued groups. Then we will build it, making sure every part of it is truly useful to both parties. We will also be responsible for promoting this to the public.

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