“Be a Cover Dog” entry submission | hellodog

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We’d love to tell real, heart-warming stories about dogs and their humans. Why not let the love for your dog shines?

Step 1:

Register as a hellodog member here

Step 2:

Tell us in an email via info@hellodog.hk with a subject “Be a Cover Dog” about your dog’s basic information including your dog’s name, breed (mixed breed is more than welcome) and age. The story about you and your dogs (e.g. what sweet moments, challenges you have been through together, how your family gets along with your dog, is your dog adopted, any interesting things you feel like sharing and etc)

Step 3 (optional):

Attach pictures or a video. A way for us to know more about you and your dog. This is not a must, totally optional. Each month, we will pick one submission or more to be featured as “Cover dog” post and notify the selected winners for an interview.

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