Animal Companion (Pet) Loss Counselling Program

There are no words to describe the distressing pain we go through when losing our animal companions (pets). The emotional roller coaster – from shock to the beginning of acceptance, from meltdown, anger, guilt, depression to a long road of recovery, is not everyone is capable of dealing with. Very often, our closest families and friends cannot relate to this experience and understand what you’ve been going through.

That’s why non-profit Hellodog Foundation develops “Animal Companion Loss Counselling Program” to help you begin your healing process. We understand the special bond between pets and their humans. We feel the pain of letting go. We hear people say they would never have another pet again.

1. Online tutorial video:

Learn how to cope when our beloved pet is suffering or went to the heaven

This thoughtful tutorial hopes to help you understand your own emotions and personalities, learn how to deal with your mixed feelings, ups and downs involved, answer some of the questions you have in mind e.g. are you normal? Will you be able to recover from the pain? As a registered social workers and a cat parent for twenty-some years, the speaker, Patty, combines widely recognised theory and her personal trauma in face of the death of her two cats.

Watch the class

2. Support Group:

This program aims to help people whose pets are suffering from ageing, serious sickness and/ or death gain support from those are experiencing similar situations, and relieve emotions in a safe and non-judgemental group setting, under the guidance of a trained social worker.

This program is not a substitute for any kind of treatment or psychiatric therapy. It provides participants with emotional support, so we all can go on to live our lives again.

Program details:

◆ This program applies Five Stages of Grief Model by Kubler Ross, allowing participants to better understand their emotional journey.

◆ With the guidance by a social worker or an experienced peer, participants get together once every week via Zoom online, with a maximum of six people in a group. Each session is about 1 hour.

◆ No geographic limitation, no limit on the number of times you would like to join. Everyone is welcome.

◆ All participants are required to watch the online class first, and fill in an evaluation questionnaire (which helps session arrangements) before joining our support group sessions.

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