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Non-profit Hellodog Foundation | hellodog

We stand in solidarity with companion animal (pet) loving community and join the call for animal welfare in Hong Kong.

Current program:

Animal companion (pet) loss counselling program

There are no words to describe the distressing pain we go through when losing our animal companions (pets). You may encounter the emotional roller coaster – from shock to the beginning of acceptance, from meltdown, anger, guilt, depression to a long road of recovery. Non-profit Hellodog Foundation wants to guide pet owners to begin their healing process through its pioneering “Animal Companion (Pet) Loss Counselling Program”. Though it’s not easy, we hope we all can come to terms with the missing piece of our hearts.

You can learn more about our program and apply now!

See program details

Ongoing work:

  • Advisory to businesses and organisations on pet-friendly safety measures, best practices and implementation plans,
  • Corporate workshops and activities,
  • Matching services between animal shelters and venues to host adoption events.

Past activities:

Hellodog Fest, a 2-day celebratory carnival

We have hosted a full-filled pet-friendly festival themed “born unequal, but love conquers” and gathered thousands of dog-loving people at West Kowloon Cultural District to celebrate the beauty of dogs regardless of breed, age, color, size, with or without a home. The event highlight was definitely our runway showcase telling the stories of many KOLs with their dogs from different categories (e.g. vegan & vegetarian community, health & fitness, modelling, music) and featuring beautiful dogs waiting for adoption from various animal shelters.

Event-goers enjoyed the runway show, music show, dog behavioural workshops, massage sessions for dogs, healthcare seminars, DIY cruelty-free handmade soap and bath bombs workshops, play and learn sessions between kids and dogs, dog adoptions and more.

Check out this festival

Frequently asked questions:

What are our belief and guiding principles of nonprofit Hellodog Foundation?

We believe we, humans, are in a position to protect companion animals, not to exploit them. We support animal adoption. We work towards reducing animal abandonment in Hong Kong by educating on responsible pet ownership.

How do we operate?

We work with like-minded individuals and organisations towards the betterment of animal welfare, as well as bonding between companion animals and humans. We welcome creative cross-industry collaboration and advocacy campaigns to speak for the voiceless.

We rely mostly on the team at Hellodog and volunteers to make things happened. We are always short of volunteering talents including project managers, on-site helpers, designers, writers, videographers, photographers….if you are interested to make an impact together, use your talent and time for a good cause, please reach out to us via info@hellodog.hk.

How do we get funded to make all of these campaigns happened?

It’s 100% backed by Hellodog Limited and individual donations. Therefore, we rely on individual donations, big or small, to make our projects happened.