Dog Agility Charity Race

Posted on Jul 10, 2019
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Yoho Mall x Hellodog

A casual agility race for dogs to compete for the title of the most agile dog! It aims to be both physically and mentally stimulating for dogs’ health and promotes trust between the dog and its handler. Unlike a formal competitive agility sport, this game is intended to let you and your dogs have a good time together!

Date: 3 Aug (Sat)
Race time: 3:30pm – 5:30pm (5:30 – 6:30pm open for the public to play all game facilities)
Venue: Garden, Yoho Mall I
Quota: 15 people & dogs
Entry fee: $300 (all proceeds goes to non-profit Hellodog Foundation)

Contenders are required to complete all three zones and compete to finish with the fastest time to earn the top prizes!

Maze Zone:
The competing dog must go through the maze-like route from a start point to a finish point itself. The handler (owner) can drop a maximum of 3 treats at any point on the route to “guide” his or her dog to walk forward before the game begins. The handler is not allowed to walk together with the dog, but only to cheer for and give command to the dog at the side or at the finish line.

Jump Zone:
Then, the dog shall jump over a few hurdles under handler’s command. The handler is allowed to employ positive reinforcement methods e.g. treats as motivation, to keep the dog moving. To be fair, hurdles will be set lower for small dogs, and higher for big dogs. The height of hurdles is between 6” to 12”.

Trick Zone:
This last exercise requires attention. The dog needs to complete a set of commands the handler calls for, and they are “down” (lie down), “sit” and “paw / hand” (give you its hand) in this exact order on our mark. Then our clock will stop, and we will announce your official race time.

First Prize (no.1):
·A trophy
·Nulo FreeStyle salmon & peas recipe (for adult dog or puppy) 11LB x 2 packs
·Petline cash voucher valued at $500

Second Prize (no. 2):
·A trophy
·Nulo FreeStyle salmon & peas recipe (for adult dog or puppy) 11LB x 1 pack
·Petline cash voucher valued at $300

Third Prize (no. 3):
·A trophy
·Nulo FreeStyle salmon & peas recipe (for adult dog or puppy) 11LB x 1 pack
·Petline cash voucher valued at $100

Participation Prize:
·All participating groups (except winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes) will receive Nulo FreeStyle salmon & peas recipe (for adult dog or puppy) 4.5 LB x 1 pack

Please fill in this form so we can contact you regarding to the result of race finalists. 15 pairs of dogs and their humans will be randomly picked by lucky draw and will be notified accordingly on or before 24 July (Wed).

* indicates required
  • Clean after your pet and dispose the waste properly.
  • Ensure your pet on leash at all times for safety reasons except during the race.
  • With many pets and visitors expected at the event, be alert and keep safe for yourself and your pets. In cases of unfortunate accidents e.g. attack by animals, you shall report to the police. Hellodog, Sun Hung Kai Properties and YOHO MALL are not liable for nor responsible for such incidents whatsoever.
  • Ensure your pet is fully vaccinated against common infectious diseases which are canine distemper, canine viral hepatitis, canine parvovirus prior to joining the event.
  • Obey instructions by staff at the event at all times.
  • By signing up for this race, you will be added to Hellodog mailing list. We promise to never share your email address with third parties unless you give us permission to do so.

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