Event Highlight: Runway Show

Posted on Apr 22, 2019
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The highlight of this carnival must have been this one-of-a-kind runway show! With its theme “born unequal, but love conquers”, it featured 20+ dogs and their humans on stage! Guests, models and their pups we recruited from the community as well as animal welfare groups including Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR), Lifelong Animal Protection Charity (LAP), Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation (SKSFF) and SPCA with dogs waiting for a home, walked the show with pride and received rounds of applause, while our emcee narrated their unique stories.

We showed off their inner and outer beauty under the spotlight. If you didn’t have a chance to come watch our show, here’s the highlight!

hellodog fest 2019 runway show

Utah Lee, her family and Yogi
A fitness expert and specialist in personal training for all walks of life. Utah and her husband have a soft spot for rescue dogs. Yogi, one of the three dogs they have rescued, has transformed from a stressful dog without a place called home into a physically fit member who climbs up and down on mountains with his human family.

Richie and Lily Kul
A model and actor by trade, Richie is a committed vegan, activist for animal rights and advocate for compassion towards all living beings in his everyday life. Richie’s affinity for dogs developed later in life when his sister rescued Lily from a high-kill shelter in the US and gave her to Richie. Since then, she’s inspired him to use his platform to help more animals in need, regardless of their species and together they regularly contribute to the work of Soi Dog, Animals Asia, PETA and other animal rights groups.

Michelle and Lucky
A model, a dedicated dog lover since she was little and a volunteer at LAP. She has adopted 5 dogs so far. Today she brought 6-year-old Lucky with her. Lucky was a stray and got ran over by a car near Michelle’s home so Michelle instinctively rescued her to receive immediate medical attention. Now although Lucky had her front leg amputated and developed a phobia of roads and car noises due to the accident, the “disability” never stops her from living a happy life.

Andy and his dog 飛女
Andy, the vocalist of a local guy band 3THINK, has grown up with more than 5 dogs of different breeds and characters in his life. Now with his dog 飛女 walking next to him, the most memorable experience Andy will never forget is that one time his dog 飛女 played and ate a sock! Andy consulted vet friends and learnt that it’s best to get the sock out of his dog within 3 hours. Searching how to do so online proved to be futile and unreliable, he resorted to 24-hour vet clinic. The message? Keep your dog away from anything dogs cannot eat at home.

Models recruited from the community

Roseann, two huskies (Else and Anna), one mongrel (Kipper is being fostered and waiting for a loving home)
Husky requires a large amount of care and time investment, of course a new dog owner like Roseann didn’t know better. Elsa was the only “leftover” when a breeder’s business closed down. Anna is a sister of Elsa, tortured and left with skin problems before being given up. Roseann didn’t expect the extent of destruction Elsa and Anna could bring, TV, camera, shoes, sofa, all destroyed. But the idea of giving up never crossed her mind. Instead, she feels lucky having them in her life and started the journey of fostering for other dogs. Kipper, a 10 years old mongrel whom she is currently fostering is very friendly and easy to be taken care of.

Yumi and her dog ?仔
Yumi’s dog was rescued from his previous owner who kept him in cage and left him in dirt. Yumi recalled ?仔 was finally able to run freely for the first time, gratitude was what Yumi felt. She has always known it well that pets are for life. In January 2018, ?仔 has been diagnosed with spinal disc herniation, level 4 paralysis. Yumi didn’t just give up but had him underwent much needed surgery. Love transcends, regardless of health or sickness.

Upendra Rao, Maitreyi Karanth and their dog, Demi
Demi, a 13 years old happy looking mongrel you see here, was a dog who was barely surviving in a dump, tied up in a metal chain 24/7 with no access to walks and shelter for more than a year. Upendra’s wife saw a plea online asking volunteers to walk Demi. From walking him to deciding to adopt him was a no-brainer, and now Demi has the time of his life sleeping on their bed together with 5 other dogs. No dogs deserve to live in chain as a prisoner.

Ms Ng and her chihuahua, 貝貝
Ms Ng took in a chihuahua 貝貝 who was abandoned by a breeder as she was no longer able to give birth to puppies for sale, and then rescued by Ms Ng’s friend. The first time Ms Ng encountered 貝貝 was beyond shocking – a tiny weakening body with her swollen breasts, red paws, nails and eyes covered with dirt, involuntarily shaking feet. She couldn’t image how much pain this dog must have been through. 貝貝 has been gaining trust with humans.

Dennis and his dog 岑九
岑九, the name of Dennis’s pup, was abandoned by his previous owner and now becomes his family member. 岑九 was sensitive about noise and would bark out of fear. Even after some behavioural training, the barking situation hasn’t improved, Dennis’ love for her dog never changes. Only through this adoption, Dennis has learnt about fostering options and embarked his fostering journey of caring for new born pups and pregnant hamsters.

Rick and his poodle, Oscar
Rick used to scare of dogs because he was bitten by a dog before. He convinced himself that it’s time to overcome this fear 9 years ago. Since then, Oscar has been with him and taught him to become a better and more responsible person. To help with Oscar’s sensitive skin problems, Rick has given up his career as a fitness expert to develop organic pet shampoo with only natural ingredients.

Animal welfare groups with their dogs waiting for a home

If you are interested in getting to know and possibly adopting these beautiful dogs, please contact various animal welfare groups directly.
hellodog fest 2019 runway show

Narelle Pamuk and one of her shelter dogs, Indy
Narelle Pamuk, the founder of Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation, and Indy who was rescued from a warehouse area where she was kept in a very dirty area between buildings with inadequate shelter and clean water. One of the many dogs whom SKSFF has saved over 14 years. The shelter is now home to 120 otherwise homeless dogs. To Narelle, dogs are very special as they are very loyal, caring, affectionate, forgiving and appreciative, qualities that humans can learn from.

Unar from LAP
Unar was being abandoned in a flat in Mongkok, as the family moved out. She suffered from severe dehydration and was think as paper weighted at less than 6 kg, unable to move, and nearly dead, when rescued. After three months of dedication, medical care and love by her rescuer and fosters, she’s gained back weight, and is now all healthy. She is a loyal girl in beautiful corgi/Shiba coat, and loves her walks.

Tuberose from LAP
The day Tuberose, King Charles Spaniel, got abandoned by a puppy mill, she had itchy skin, barely any hair, and an eye that looked like it’d fall out anytime. She shivered in her bony body, barked with her debarked voice. She had her eye, 9 teeth and hernia removed, desexed and treatment for itchy skin. It’s hard to believe that such a sweet, people and dog loving dog was neglected and mistreated for at least 6 years. Now ready for her new life and a home to love and protect her.

Ted from LAP
Ted, 4.5 years old, always has a very special place in every volunteer’s heart, as he has come a very long way. Found in shipyard in 2017, he was found with a huge wound infested with THOUSAND OF LIVING MAGGOTS. And not just that, he was totally shut down, depressed, only willing to sit in his own room. Worse still, he has gone through tick fever, heartworm treatment and pancreatitis. All was treated with enormous amount of money, time and patience, and of course STRENGTH ON TED’S SIDE. I don’t think our words can convey how special he is, this dog who would always look at you during the walks. we hope that he will one day find a loving home.

Typhoon from HKDR
He came to HKDR at a time where typhoon hit, so he’s called Typhoon. He has big floppy ears, very friendly to people, as we didn’t understand why he has yet been adopted. A few years earlier, he went through a surgery because of its twisted leg. Our worries for his slow recovery was unnecessary, he is now completely healthy under the care of volunteers and daily intake of joint supplement. Now you can’t really tell he’s been injured before.

Mia from HKDR
Mia was thin and tiny when first came to HKDR. Now as she grows up, she puts on a bit of weight and loves to be around people. Every time she sees volunteers coming, her tail wags like crazy. In charge of PR, she greets newly rescued dogs and reassures them things are okay. As she is used to be around a big group of dog and volunteers at the shelter, we hope her future adopter can give her patience to help her transit to a quieter home environment.

Sean from HKDR
Sean looks cute, but serious when he waits for his food. He used to be shy and sensitive, didn’t enjoy being petted. Thanks to the training and time spent by staff and volunteers, he is now happy to wag, asking for your attention. Sean is not alone, many doggies waiting for a home might take quite some time to trust humans again. Nonetheless, as a no-kill animal shelter, we give them enough time and room to recover from their sufferings.

Dino from SPCA
SPCA inspector found one-month-old Dino inside a collapsed tree in October last year. He was brought back for a health check as he was too young to survive on his own. After a month of being taken care of by his foster family, he is now ready for a home! With active and playful character, he learns fast and play hard. As he is still a puppy, he might scare off some doggies and children. Dino needs a loving family who is willing to give him some training and time. Would that be you?

Kasper from SPCA
This February, Kasper was found ran over by trunk on the road, leaving his front right leg severely damaged. SPCA rescue team rushed to save him. With no microchip in him but a collar on, it was believed that he had an owner who never showed up. As his wound was getting worse, amputation was necessary. Under the care by SPCA team, he recovered well and is now happily bouncing again with enthusiasm towards life.

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