【Video】What to do when your dog is choking?

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Not knowing what to do when your fur child looks like she is choking on something is a prospect that likely causes you to go into panic. Pet parents need to stay calm and act fast at the first signs of choking to save your pet’s life. Here’s how…

What to do:
We’ve talked to Dr David Gething, the Chief Veterinary Officer of Creature Comforts Group on the steps that you should do when your dog chokes.

How to tell if your dog is really choking or something else:
If the animal is able to engage in any normal activities/ interactions, it is unlikely to actually be choking. But if your pet is panicking and pawing at her mouth (just like in the video), that is a clear sign that she may need immediate attention. We also should look for signs such as discolored tongue or gums (blue, gray, white), high-pitched squeaking or whistling noises (if any air is able to get through) and loss of consciousness.


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