13 toxic food to avoid feeding your dog

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Do you know what food is a no-no for dogs? Some safe for humans are in fact toxic to dogs, and some are commonly hidden in many pre-packaged food that you can find out only on their ingredient labels. Watch out, humans, for your dog’s sake!  


Xylitol is an artificial sweetener, potentially causing a drop in blood sugar and liver failure, not to mention obesity which leads to many health problems. It can be hidden in pre-packaged foods e.g. candies, cake and cookie mixes, “sugar-free” or “low fat” diet food and drink. Your extra attention to read ingredient label is necessary.



A huge amount of avocado could be toxic to dogs. It contains a chemical substance called Persin that might cause dogs to vomit and develop diarrhea.

Onions (& garlic)

Onions destroy red blood cells and lead to anaemia in dogs. While consuming a bit of garlic is in fact safe, a large quantity is best to be avoided if possible.



It has the same effect on a dog’s liver and brain that it has on humans, and causes damage with small dose. The smaller the size of the dog, the greater the effect.


Caffeine is commonly found in chocolate, tea, coffee, soda and energy drinks. It could be fatal to dogs. A big no-no!

Dairy products

Milk or milk-based products can cause diarrhea and trigger possible allergies you might not know which can appear as irritation of skin, redness and itching. In fact, these products are safe or not depends on whether the particular dog is intolerant to lactose.

Yeast dough

These doughs ferment and grow in size over time. Imagine it happens inside the stomach of a dog who consumes it, he will feel a lot of pain as a dough stretches his stomach.



Nutmeg is a popular spice for baking seasonal cookies and cakes with a rich and nutty fragrance, however it is toxic to pets due to a compound in it called Myristicin.



Found in potato chips, french fries and more, salt of excessive quantity is dangerous. It can possibly lead to sodium poisoning.


Commonly found in cookies, cakes, granola, ice cream, frozen yogurt and more. Excessive consumption could lead to diabetes and cancer.



Contrary to popular belief that dogs are supposed to eat bones, cooked bones are dangerous because they may cause obstruction or lacerations of dogs’ digestive system.

Persimmons, peaches & plums

The seeds and pits of these fruits can cause intestinal obstruction.

Grapes and raisins

These fruits can cause kidney failure, and vomiting is an early sign of toxic reaction. You can pick other kinds of fruits which are safe and actually great for their health.


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