Fruits and veggies? Yes for dogs

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We often wonder if we can feed our dogs fruits and veggies since we all know they are essential to our own health. The answer is yes, they are healthy supplementation to the diet.

Do you know some nutrients are only found in veggie materials which contain phytonutrients, enzymes and antioxidants? Health benefits of these nutrients are believed to enhance immune system activity, protection against cancer, support of eye and heart health, improved communication between cells and repair of DNA damage, slowdown of the signs of aging.

Now you probably want to know which types dogs can eat, don’t you? Surely, they are best to serve with moderation in addition to a balanced diet.

1. Apple

An excellent fruit choice for your dog’s health and a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber. Make sure to not give the seeds or core because they could be chocking hazards. Best of all, juicy apple slices clean residue and build-up on a dog’s teeth. fruit for dogs

2. Blueberries

Well known for their high levels of resveratrol which act like antioxidants, protecting the against free radicals (unstable molecules that are a major cause of aging). fruit for dogs

3. Cantaloupe

They’re full of vitamins that will help with your canine’s eyesight, as well as lots of vitamin A and beta carotene, which helps reduce the risk of cancer and prevents cell damage. It’s also a good source of vitamins B-6 and C, fiber, folate, niacin and potassium. fruit for dogs

4. Watermelon

Made up of 92% water, it’s excellent for hydration and skin! Besides that it can be a delicious summer treat, it is a good source of vitamin A, B-6, C, dietary fiber, potassium, and magnesium.

fruit for dogs

5. Carrot

High in beta carotene and loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, while also high in potassium and fiber. Good for skin, eyesight, and for cleaning teeth and gums.

veggie for dogs

6. Sweet Potato

Heart-healthy and easy on the digestive tract, sweet potatoes contain more nutrients than white potatoes. They are great for weight management and contributes to lowering blood pressure. High in fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and B-vitamins.

veggie for dogs

7. Celery

Rich in many vitamins and minerals: vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C, and calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and sodium. This vegetable improves heart health and can lower blood pressure while helping to fight cancer. Bonus: celery freshens doggie breath!

veggie for dogs

8. Cucumber

Due to the high potassium content in cucumbers they are good for teeth and bone growth. Cucumbers can also promote healthy liver and kidneys when paired with carrots. It is recommended to peel the skin off the cucumber before feeding it to your dog.

veggie for dogs

9. Green Beans

They make a fantastic low calorie and filling snack. They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, C and K, and manganese. A great source of natural plant fiber, calcium, copper, folic acid, iron, niacin, manganese, potassium, riboflavin and thiamin, as well as beta carotene. Essentially, they’re the superpower of vegetables for your pooch.

veggie for dogs

10. Bok Choy

Chinese cabbage with thick white or green stems filled with water and green leafy tops.They contain calcium for healthy, strong bones and teeth, and are good for the heart while protecting against cancer. This low calorie veggie is packed with vitamin A, C, K, and potassium.

veggie for dogs

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———————————————————————————— Written by Hellodog. Reviewed by Dr Wallis Chan【Dr Wallis qualified as veterinarian in 2007 and acquired her Master in 2015. She has been practicing in Hong Kong for almost 10 years now and it never gets old because she builds her career on her passion】.

Source: Dog Nature Magazine One green planet NGO Dr Karen Becker video on a balanced diet


Hellodog does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See more details here.

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