【Video】How to recognise a heatstroke in dogs?

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Heatstroke can be fatal, and it simply takes a bit of our attention and knowledge in pet care to avoid overheating in your dogs.

“Heatstroke is the most common but totally avoidable problem in dogs in Hong Kong. What’s fascinating is it’s usually not the old or sick dogs who get heatstroke, but the young, healthy, bouncy 1 or 2 years old pups. Because they are full of energy and they pull off so much heat when they exercise that they overheat.” explained Dr David Gething, BSc(Vetbiol), BVMS(Hons), Chief Veterinary Officer of Creature Comforts Group, who spends most of his waking time taking house calls and overseeing cases in East Island Animals Hospital.

Let’s watch this 2-minute video to learn how to recognise the signs of a possible heatstroke in dogs and what to do when you see these signs:

Tips to prevent possible heatstroke:

1. Be aware of the weather, and the fact that your dog goes out explore, runs, and probably ends up cover twice the distance as you do. Try keeping him walk slowly and calmly.
2. Offer the dog some water every 15 minutes.
3. If you are sweating on a hiking trial yourself, your dog feels the heat too. it’s a good idea to help him cool off by pouring some water on your dog’s back.

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