【Tips to protect your cats and dogs from tear gas】No hot water, no broom and…

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With continuous firing of tear gas and occasionally in some residential areas, the health of ours and our pets could be compromised. If cats and dogs already have or are prone to have respiratory illnesses, tear gas might make their health worse, even life-threatening. We’ve talked to certified veterinarians, doctors, a laboratory technician, and referred to the latest information from the Department of Health (Centre for Health Protection, 7 November, 2019), here’re the summarised tips we can take to protect our beloved animals!

Have the air-con on or off?

◆ Off. If the place you and your pet are at is very close to where tear gas is fired, you should shut down air conditioner, close all doors and windows and seal them with a damp cloth.

If there’s a need to leave, where to go?

◆ If the gas enters your premise (for example, you see it in your naked eye or you feel the adverse reaction), try take your pet away from your premise and go up (that means go up to rooftop if possible). Pollutants from tear gas are heavier than air, so they sink and settle on surface.

If you exhibit symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose, chest pain, headache, nausea and burning on the skin, it means your pet(s) is affected too! What can you do?

◆ Rinse your eyes with plenty of cold water or water of room temperature or saline if your eyes are affected, same handling approach shall be applied to your pet. Do NOT use hot water to avoid evaporation of gas residue and chemical reactions.

◆ Symptoms of severely affected pets are diarrhoea, difficulty in breathing and skin allergy or irritation, wash the pet’s body with plenty of water and take him or her to a clinic.

What shall we clean with?

◆ Clean the surface of furnitures with a wet cloth and water (cold or room temperature) and soap, instead of hot water. Disposable cleaning products such as rubber gloves is recommended. After thorough cleaning, cleaning tools shall be properly discarded (e.g. seal in a plastic bag first).

Clean with a broom?

◆ Not recommended, so as not to get the residual particles back into the air again.

How to deal with contaminated clothing?

◆ If the clothes are in direct contact with tear gas, it is recommended that you throw them away, because any attempt of washing is useless, instead it will contaminate your washing machine and other items.

Hellodog does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See more details here.

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