【Pet Model】A trending star with a sense of righteousness

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Born in Kyushu, Japan, 2-month-old Yoshi has moved to Hong Kong and now turned 2 years old. With a cute face like that, he has quickly attracted almost 9,000 followers and become a trending star!

The look of Yoshi and his natural reaction of smile to camera proves his innate modelling potential. He is also inspired to show off his fashion sense and is happy to put on sometimes goofy, sometimes cool facial expression, as Yoshi’s dad is quite into fashion and trends and is not shy to select custom-designed dog clothes across the globe online. With his photos shown on various trendsetting websites such as Hypebeast, Hypebae and High Snobiety, it’s no surprise Yoshi is loved by many.

Full of personality, Yoshi looks sharp especially on red and black hoodies. He has worked with Pawmain, Furbo Dog Camera from Japan, participated in video shooting for Asia Miles KAWS: HOLIDAY, and an interview with HK01.

We have talked to Yoshi (IG @shiba_yoshida), exclusively managed by Hellodog pet modelling agency, to find out more about his lifestyle.

hong kong pet model

Where did your name come from?

Papa and mama want me to become a righteous and happy pup. My name Yoshi represent righteousness and luck. I never let them down. When I see my fellow pals fighting and getting too crazy, I intervene and stop them with my forceful barking.

Who is your favourite person?

Menswear Dog (IG @mensweardog) and Dachi (IG @dachihype). They both are shiba, same breed as me. We all look as awesome as a dog can get!

What is your favourite to eat?

Yoghurt! Yoghurt! Yoghurt! Yoghurt! Yoghurt! Yoghurt! When are you giving me some?

Favourite toys?

Definitely my Howling Hound headphones plush toy. I look stylish on it and I love to bite it sometimes.

Where do you like to hang out most?

My top choice is dog parks, the playground for me and all of my shiba friends! I also love going to cafes with papa. Whenever we cruise to trendy or hip places, I make sense to put on my matching and cool-looking outfit as a respect to the places.

Who are your best friends?

I have so many great friends throughout my life…too many to count.

What do you like doing at home?

Taking naps. I gotta recharge myself and stay awesome. When awake, I love playing with my little sis Yoko (IG@shiba_yoko).

What do you hate most?

Swimming. Once I am soaked in water, I don’t look as stylish and smart as I am meant to be.

What’s fun or memorable to be involved in various shooting projects?

It was ecstatic for me to get involved in a big scale project like Asia Miles promotional video. I felt honoured too. But the day before my shooting, I surprisingly felt unwell and got diagnosed to have Gastroenteritis. Feeling worried too about this affecting my performance, I turned out to be fine and got the job done on camera after a day of rest. I gladly received compliments from the team on my professionalism and spot on performance.

I pretend to work occasionally to earn my meals.

I look just as awesome as my papa.

My “don’t mess with me” attitude.

Want me to play a song?


Animals of any breed, mix, size or age (such as dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, snakes, turtles and etc) can become our pet models and/or KOL online influencers. If you are interested, please fill in this online form. Pets with their own social media accounts are given priority.

For brands and creative agencies, your enquiry on pet modelling services and KOL influencer marketing campaign is welcome. Please contact us via email at info@hellodog.hk or via whatsapp at 6460 8247.

pet photography hong kong

Photography: Paws Studio
Editors: Sarah Li & Joanne Lui
Pet models: Yoshi exclusively managed by Hellodog
Hoodie: Adidas
Watch: Rolex
Accessories: Howling Hound headphones plush toy

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