5 adorable ways to invite a dog into your romance

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Having a dog can spice up your romance at various stages of a love life, from the beginning of not having any luck to walking down the aisle with a partner. Here we show you how to let love flourish.

Being-single stage: get attention and affection

Do you know guys showing signs of caring for animals get affection from girls easily? It’s proven through various experiments, the reason behind is that females think this behaviour projects affinity with children, a biological factor females consider when choosing a potential mate. So, go out and walk your dog more! (wink)

Image credit: menandtheirdogs.tumblr.com


Dating stage: enjoy cuddle time

When your pooch comes to you and your date, even if he sits in between you two, he is not a third wheel. Instead, embrace this cuddle time with your dog, because hugging and petting releases dopamine which only brings a couple closer together.

Image credit: lovelylaurak.tumblr.com


Proposal stage: let your pooch propose for you

It’s simply too brutal to say no to a face like this. Statistically, according to an unofficial poll, you have a higher success rate by having a dog to pop the question on your behalf.

Image credit: www.rover.com


Engagement stage: be a part of the pre-wedding photo shoot

Not all of us are natural to cameras, and photo-shooting can be stressful to a couple. Including your furry child can perhaps fill it with less stress and more fun. Not to mention seeing the photos evoke the precious loving memory. Click here if you get inspired by some photography ideas on how to capture those moments.

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Image credit: www.bridalpulse.com


Marriage stage: give them a special job or title on the big day

A dog is not just a dog, he is part of a family, it’s a good idea to consider making him your dog of honor, or getting him walking down the aisle behind you.

Image credit: www.theknot.com

  You’ve got some ideas of spicing up your romantic love life with your pooch? Tell us in your comments below.

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