5 things you should never do to your dog

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Having a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. As we go on with our daily lives while care for our dogs, we are bound to make small mistakes. No one is perfect. But if these mistakes incur serious consequences, we would feel guilty. Let’s make sure we keep our pooches safe and healthy by NOT doing the following!

Leaving your dog alone in the car

Never, ever leave your dog alone in the car. Overheating can kill dogs very quickly. If you can’t tie your dog up outside or bring them with you where you go, leave your dog at home. You also risk having your car windows smashed when a caring passerby tries saving your dog.


Showing affection at the wrong times

Your dog will never learn right from wrong if you smother him with love right after he does something naughty. Affection is certainly not an evil thing, but you need to be showing it at the right times to help them learn the difference between good and bad behaviour.



Overfeeding can put you dogs health at risk. Overweight causes all sort of diseases which otherwise could have been avoided, and it’s not easy to lose the weight once it’s there. Feed your dog a balanced diet with caution and give him/ her plenty of exercise.


Feeding dangerous food

All of us sneak our food to our pups occasionally, however, some human food is toxic for dogs, do keep yourself alert and avoid these 13 types of poisonous food.


Using the wrong type of collar

There are different types of collars for different dog breeds. For instance, those with shorter snouts are prone to respiratory illnesses, can become injured with neck collars and require harnesses instead. Do your research and rethink what to put onto your dog every day.

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