5 Ways to keep yourself and your pets entertained when stuck at home

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As coronavirus pandemic is spreading and we are all practicing social distancing now, how to not feel bored being at home? To help you out, here are our top 5 ideas.

1. Do doga with your pup

Keeping your immune system strong is one of the best way to keep yourself from virus infection. Yoga can be done indoor, and when doing it with pups, you get more endorphins from laughing. Here are the 8 doga poses for beginners you could try, or watch the below clip to start your inner yogi mood going (I have to say, the Border Collie in this clip is remarkable!)

Word of caution from dogs: Please keep your expectation low, people! This Border Collie is obviously intensively trained for a long time.

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2. Read bedtime stories or any books you like

You have probably watched tons of movies and videos on Netflix these days already. Why not doing the reading you were meant to anyway and feeling the texture of good old papers books offer? While you are at this, reading it out to your pup in a loving tone of voice would certainly entertain your pup too!


3. Play brain games

Simply use some daily stuff to DIY brain games for your dogs, here are simple tools needed and how to play videos.

Tools needed:
1. Scissors
2. Cutter knife / kitchen knife
3. Tennis container (if you don’t have it, you can use plastic water bottle)
4. Small-sized dog treats

How to play?

Tools needed:
Game 1: A face towel and small sized dog treats
game 2: Lightweight cups (e.g. plastic cups) and small sized dog treats
Game 3: Tennis balls, muffin tray, and small sized dog treats

How to play?

4. Clean your apartment and wash your dog’s stuff

There’s no better time to clean those bits you often procrastinate to do. The bathroom sink and wall tiles, the top of your cupboard and wardrobe, your pet’s bed, toys, leashes, the drawer that holds his stuff. After all those washing and cleaning, why not reorganise your cabinets too? Your dog would thank you for it! 人寵在家的自娛妙法

5. Snuggle and catch up on sleep

Most dogs love you around and have no concept of personal space or social distancing. They crave for your attention and cuddles. While you can catch up on some sleep you may lack during hectic work schedule, it wouldn’t hurt snuggling with your sleepy dog.


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