9 facts about Poodles that you might not know

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1. Despite a popular belief that Poodles were originally from France, most researchers believe that they were bred to be water retrievers in Germany (their name is a derivation of the German word pudel or pudelin, meaning “drenched” or “dripping wet”).

貴婦狗2. They were originally bred to be excellent swimmers. (note: it doesn’t mean all poodles nowadays are naturally good at swimming)

貴婦狗3. Their intelligence is as high as a 3-year-old child. They are top 2 in the rankings of canine intelligence, just behind Border Collie.

貴婦狗4. Poodles is the only dog breed that comes in three sizes: standard, miniature and toy.

貴婦狗5. While most dogs shed as a natural and normal process to get rid of old and damaged hairs, poodles grows fur continuously and don’t shed much.

貴婦狗6. They need regular grooming. If left without proper grooming, their fur will become matted and dreadlock-like.

貴婦狗7. Their fur colours come with variation. The most observed colours include red, white, cream, apricot, silver, black and grey.

貴婦狗8. They are highly adaptable to climatic changes. They fit well in cold as well as hot conditions.

貴婦狗9. Most poodles is emotionally sensitive and can’t survive without human’s affection.

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