A wedding crasher turned into a welcome surprise

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Wedding going wrong can be a nightmare to any brides and grooms, but for Matheus and Marília Pieroni in São Paulo, Brazil a year ago, an uninvited stranger became a delightful guest. It was a stray dog that strolled into the middle of their wedding ceremony to seek shelter from the rain.

The couple hoped for an outdoor wedding, but the storm that day made them settle for a large tent. They and their guests were not the only ones trying to escape from the terrible weather. Even before the ceremony began, the stray manoeuvred his move into the space where he was quickly shooed away. But the pup was extremely determined to be go in — for a second and finally third time, he succeeded. As the couple were reciting their vows, he even made himself cozy on Marília’s long veil.

While many brides might’ve been upset, Marília was delighted by this turn of events. “It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because I love animals,” she explained. As the rain subsided eventually, the stray dog ventured out to the street. The couple had wished the pup had stuck around and started to track him down. They eventually found him and welcomed him home with open arms. What a happy ending!

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