Abandoned Schnauzer and first-time dog owner vow to battle against monstrous disease together

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Little Wolf, a Schnauzer, who has been given up three times. Ronda, who has never had a dog in her life. Fate led them to a life together…forever.

It’s the dog’s problem if he got abandoned multiple times? This owner feels only grateful for what she has learnt

Since childhood, Ronda has always been fond of dogs. An online post of now named Little Wolf up for adoption caught her attention. An urge to action triggered her to contact the previous owner for a meeting. Due to probably lack of care, Little Wolf in medium size wasn’t the most highly sought-after type by appearance. But once they met, Little Wolf rushed to Ronda in the most welcoming manner, unafraid of strangers. This melt her heart! She thought to herself, if she didn’t adopt him, what would happen to him? That alone gave her strength to go ahead with the adoption and vowed to be his last owner.

Despite the fact that Little Wolf suffered from anxiety as he has experienced being abandoned three times, he has bonded very well with Ronda within a month. Like any other dog owners, countless joy has filled their lives. Little Wolf also changed Ronda for the better, now she has more patience, been able to manage emotions better, understood what responsibility really meant and made so many dog friends.

True love beat expensive monstrous disease

But things turned into a nightmare in May 2018, as Little Wolf started getting sick with severe diarrhoea and vomiting. As weak as he was, Ronda for the first time felt death knocking on the door. She couldn’t keep count of hospital visits anymore. Multiple veterinarians and specialists involved, countless tests performed, Little Wolf was finally diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Ronda was told that it can be a fatal illness and high dose of steroids and immune system drugs were prescribed to manage it. As much helplessness as Ronda felt, she researched online, kept in touch with veterinarians on treatment progress, and went visit Little Wolf every day, day in day out for a month and a half. The daily travel was nothing to her, but hearing veterinarian-in-charge admitted it’s on Little Wolf to recover himself, and seeing her own dog getting weak with dropping weight, fluctuating appetite, repeated diarrhoea and vomiting broke her heart in pieces.


The cost of treatment wasn’t cheap, burning over $150,000 in the course of 40-day hospitalisation. Then further tests, Chinese medicine, and holistic dietary supplementation valued at an average of $15,000 a month added burden to Ronda’s financials. But a life is most precious, more valuable than money itself, especially it’s the life of a family member! Little Wolf didn’t give up, so did Ronda. She prepared to fight, no matter what it took.

Little Wolf was finally discharged from the hospital, while the path to full recovery was still long. Diet and medicine control allowed no room for mistakes and carelessness. His deteriorating immune system has also triggered urethritis and pancreatitis which are prone to relapse from time to time. Luckily, Little Wolf’s health condition has been stable over the past few years, and now he is only on Chinese medicine. Ronda is still fulfilling her promise to take care of her dog every day and hoping Little Wolf get stronger gradually.

Only a sweet and bitter life is a beautiful real life worth living for

Today Little Wolf turned twelve, Ronda kept her promise to take care of him til life takes them apart. When a pet enters our lives, all those joyful, sweet, playful scene come into our minds, often without giving much thoughts about troublesome, disturbing hard times. But hardship naturally comes as life should be full of ups and downs. What life it is when we ask only for fun and happiness, and ask to take away pain and suffering? It’s only coward to walk away and abandon your family who loves us unconditionally.

All photos are provided by interviewee.
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