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11 jaw-dropping facts on how a dog’s body works | hellodog

11 jaw-dropping facts on how a dog’s body works

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Do you know if your dogs like hugs, how smart dogs are and how they perceive you and the world around? Relax and read on to get some interesting facts that make them so lovable.

Puppies born blind and deaf

They can only start seeing and hearing after 9-12 days.

Natural high through ear massage

Dogs have nerves in their ears which release endorphins, the same pain-killing, feel-good hormones, when being rubbed. They feel relaxed with natural high. But they are selective as to whom to give them a good rub on this sensitive part, preferably their trusted owners.

Intelligence of a 2-year-old child

The average dog is as intelligent as a 2-year-old child. Border collies, poodles, German shepherds, golden retrievers and dobermans are among the cleverest canines.

Unique nose print

Every dog has a unique nose-print that can be individually identified.

Colour perception V.S. night vision

They can see colours on a blue and yellow scale, but cannot distinguish between red and green since they only have two cones in their eyes whereas humans have three. With this as a trade-off, they have a better night vision developed to detect movement.

Sweat where?

Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws. More specifically, between their paw and pads. Wetting the bottom of their feet can help them cool down on a hot day.

Detect feelings by smell

Your dog can sell your feelings by picking up on subtle changes in your scent, which helps him figure out how you are feeling. For example, smelling your perspiration when you feel nervous or fearful.

Want hugs?

Dogs don’t enjoy being hugged as much as we, humans, do. They interpret putting limbs over another animal is a sign of dominance over the other. They are only tolerating us when we can’t help expressing our love through hugs.

A dog that doesn’t bark

Basenji is the one and only dog breed that doesn’t bark. Developed in Africa for hunting.

Better hearing than ours

A dog’s sense of hearing is 10 times more accurate than that of a person. Noise of too high volume and for too long could make dogs feel unease.


Human yawns are contagious to dogs, and vice-verse.

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