All you need to know to wash your dog the right way

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Having a clean and great smelling furry friend is every dog owner’s wish, but not all dreams come true. Giving your dog a quick shower may be in your plan, but he may not like this idea. Indeed, dogs may give you a hard time making you run helter-skelter after them to avoid a hot bath. Under the sofa, over your bed, there is no such place where your dog wouldn’t reach to skip a shower. But, despite all the tantrums you may have to face, you need to bathe them so they are clean, healthy, and pleasant to hang around with.

Why and how long you should wash your dog?

Dogs do not require a daily scrubbing and rubbing session as we humans do but they need to adhere to a regular bath pattern. There is no such science that can accurately describe the extent of time for which you should bathe your dog, nor is there any specific statistic concerning how often you are required to bathe them.

A lot depends on their breed, coat, health, and lifestyle.

Some people choose to bathe their dogs once a week but again you can change the frequency depending on the need of the hour. But you also need to take note that over-cleaning can prove to be as harmful as under cleaning, so do not overdo it. The reason is that it can strip-out too much oil, which can lead to irritations and dryness. Bathing your pooches once or twice a month sounds about right.

If your dogs venture out hiking or go on a lengthy trip, it’s best to brush their fur and check if any tick and flea climb onto them before giving them a good wash.

How should I give my dog a bath?

Here are a few ways in which you can get your dogs to have a splash in the water.

Washing them all by yourself
If you have time to spare and cannot afford handing over your cute little darlings in someone else’s custody, you can take up the task on your shoulders.

For this, all you may need is a good quality dog shampoo, some lukewarm water, and you are all set to give your furry friends a bath. But make sure that you do not torture them. Be gentle while bathing them so that it doesn’t turn out like a nightmare for your cuddly pals.

– If you own a small dog, then you can easily pop them in a tub or sink and get the bathing rituals done.

– But if you have a bigger sized dog that cannot fit in your sinks or tub, taking them out to your balcony or bathroom and showering them with a hosepipe can work well.

Whisker and Paws

You can also consider getting a portable dog tub and use it in the bathrooms to bathe your pups clean and dry. The struggle of getting your dogs a bath is real, and thus occasional treats for your dog to behave well during the entire bathing session can motivate them to come back for a bath again.

Dog groomers
If you wish your dogs to smell great, stay clean as a cotton ball but that space and time are constraints, then probably the professionals can help you in significant ways.

Along with the need for dedicated space, if you also run short of time due to your busy schedule, seeking for dog grooming services might be your best bet to get your dog clean. Not only do they wash your dogs, but they also look after their ears, nails, paws, tooth and fur.

Self-dog wash stations
If you do not have a garden or a balcony to bathe your dogs, and your bathrooms are the only space where you can wash them, chances are that you can transform your washrooms into furry bathrooms.

So, what next? The clogged bathroom is all that you can see in such a case, giving you a tough time to clear all the mess. In such cases, seeking self-dog wash services at a professional wash station, where you can spend some quality time with your dog and rubbing them, can be your best bet to place on (some eventually build their own stations).

Frequently bathing your pet plays a vital role in maintaining its overall health. We hope this guide helps you out in cleaning and decking up your mucky pups.

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