Begin a virtuous cycle of fostering an animal-friendly community with children

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What if I tell you that children in Hong Kong can practice listening and speaking skills in English while learning about compassion towards animals? A program called “Professor Paws”, organised by Animals Asia Foundation (AAF), is a great combo of practical skills and a valuable life lesson you don’t get from typical education in a classroom.

Children who haven’t had a chance to be exposed to dogs may be scared of dogs (e.g. they bark, they are huge in size, their parents say they are dangerous or dirty and etc), and it is natural for them to be scared or dismissive for things they don’t know enough. Through this program, they can learn overcome fears of dogs and safety around dogs. For those who have had and want to get a dog, they can get a sense of what it is like to have a dog in their households and learn about responsible pet care. Socially withdrawn children can get more engaged and active. Shy ones can become more confident. All happening in the familiar surrounding in their own schools.

While there are many ways we can go about building an animal-friendly and loving community, we genuinely believe perception plays a key role. When more people are receptive to the idea that our community is not only ours, but also of other animals in this planet and when our kindness extends to dogs, cats and other animals, a virtuous cycle activates, ultimately leading a minority of animal lovers growing to become the mainstream, getting more related legislations and government policies passed.

If you want to shape perception and behaviour, the earlier the education starts, of a higher chance it succeeds. So we believe a program like “Professor Paws” can be instrumental and you can become a part of this.


How can you be involved?

Option 1: Be a teacher in “Professor Paws” program and spread the love to children and dogs (The only requirement is your time investment to visit schools and proficiency in English)

Option 2: If you have a dog, your dog can be registered as “Dr Dog” to visit hospitals, homes for the elderly, disabled centres, orphanages and schools. Your dog, with your help, can help make patients and those who can use a bit of compassion feel love. Also through demonstrating the contribution dogs make to human society, you help change attitudes towards dogs and animals in general.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or simply want to know more, please contact Karina at


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Professor Paws

Professor Paws

Photos provided by Animals Asia Foundation.


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