Bravecto keeps ticks and fleas away from rescued dogs in House of Joy and Mercy

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House of Joy and Mercy, an animal shelter in Yuen Long, has been dedicated to helping stray animals, from rescue, nurturing them back to health and finding them the right homes to recently opening a veterinary clinic to offer medical treatments to strays.

In humid and hot summer like this every year, fleas and ticks breed vigorously. This poses a serious health threat to all dogs especially those out on the street, which should not be taken lightly. This summer, in order to prevent strays from getting tick fever and skin disease caused by fleas and Demodex Canis (mites), Bravecto donated their tasty chewable tablets for the treatment and prevention of tick and flea infestations in dogs to House of Joy and Mercy.

阿棍屋 Bravecto Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s first free veterinary clinic in Sham Shui Po launched by the House of Joy and Mercy recently. After registration, volunteers can bring homeless animals to receive medical care.

Watch out for ticks to keep your dogs safe

In fact, many dog owners still underestimate the danger of ticks, fleas and mites, as well as diseases caused by parasites, and they often ignore preventive measures. If dogs are unfortunately infected, they not only suffer, but can even die quickly. Take tick fever as an example, when a tick attaches the dog and bites to feed, it can inject the tick fever organism into the dog’s blood vessels.

At the early stage of suffering from tick fever, the dog is just experiencing fatigue and loss of appetite. During the course of the disease, red blood cells are destroyed will be expelled in the urine which can result in very dark. If this goes undetected by its owner and the dog left untreated, the dog can result in anemia and even death very quickly.

Even after receiving medical treatment and with the symptoms gone, some tick fever organism can still exist inside the dog. And when the dog’s immune system is weak, the organism might attack again.

Itchy skin, hair loss in dogs? Maybe it’s bugs that you cannot see

Dernodex Canis and mites that live on your dog’s skin can cause long-term skin problems, resulting in hair loss and itching. Veterinarians often recommend Bravecto, not only because it is effective against ticks, fleas and mites, but also because it is easy for dog owners and dogs to take by simply chewing Bravecto tasty tablet like a treat. One treat can provide 3 months of long-lasting protection for your dog, compared to other similar products with only 1-month protection. Also, for dogs who are picky with food and unease with hard pills, Bravecto serves them well.

香港 Bravecto Hong Kong 1

Strays are exposed to illnesses and hardship that we couldn’t imagine. Getting timely preventative care and medical treatment they need not only safeguards their health conditions, it also helps increase their chances of finding a home!

Bravecto can be purchased from a majority of clinics, or online shops as below:

Kowloon Veterinary Clinic
Pawlistic Veterinary Medical Center
Petcore Vet Clinic
Pet Project x Pet Space
V Pro Pet

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