Busy mum neglecting her dog?

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Rushing to get dressed for work. Feeding and walking your dog after dragging yourself out of bed. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Rita, a typical working professional, and her dog Barney go through this every day. Today, something unexpected happened and the situation left Barney to either take control of it, or else……

Watch how the story of Barney saving his day unfolds (1:30s video):

It’s not uncommon we get busy in daily lives that we forget and lose track of things. Smart Barney knows where to get his much-needed prescription food at ease and trusts everything on Vetopia Online Store that is selected and reviewed by professional vets. He also knows free delivery is guaranteed upon purchase of $300 or above for most of the areas in Hong Kong. The only thing he probably doesn’t know is how to limit his appetite for food and toys!

vetopia online store

In collaboration with Vetopia Online Store.

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