Colombian runner loses sportswear sponsorship after kicking a dog during race

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While Jamie Alejandro was competing in the Saint Silverster Road Race in Colombia, he was caught on tape kicking a dog who happened to get across the street in front of him. His action sparked outrage on the Internet as this video went viral.

His sponsor, Under Armour, has immediately decided to end its relation with Jamie. “We do not tolerate any violence or behaviour that may harm or put animals in danger, the giant sportswear company’s statement revealed.

Despite Jamie’s attempt to apologise by claiming “I didn’t consider my actions, I have no excuses and I do not justified what I did. I hope I can repay for this somehow, maybe helping dogs in the street…”, the public didn’t seem to accept it.

No animal cruelty should be tolerated in a civilised society and we strongly stand by Under Armour’s action to end its endorsement deal. When brand ambassadors or influencers go against a brand’s values, cutting them loose is the only way.

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