[Cover Dog] Jessie, the timid babe in Park Island everyone knows

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If you don’t live in Park Island, it’s 99.9% chance you don’t know who Jessie is. She is a regular in Park Island whom you can easily get a glimpse of, but you don’t get close enough to see through her. Today Hellodog takes you to Jessie, unlocking the beautiful mind of hers.

Let’s follow Jessie on a walk, shall we? (Please turn on the sound, she is talking to YOU)

We also had a chat with the foster, Virginia MacQueen, currently taking care of Jessie, together with her lovely neighbour friends, Keith S. Tsuji and June Lee, who walk Jessie almost every day.

Please tell us about your background and the dogs you currently have.

I am originally from Canada. My husband and I came to HK six years ago with our 2 tiny dogs, Lola and Yoshi. I have health issues which makes walking and hold leashes very difficult and there is no cure so it is only going to get worse. With 2 tiny dogs who are both going to be 13 years old in July, it is not difficult to give them exercise, even though I am disabled. The problems that I am now having is that I need a crutch to walk and holding 2 dog leashes and a water bottle are impossible. I fall down frequently.

When did you start fostering Jessie and why?

About 1 and a half years ago some neighbours in my village rescued a dog that was dumped on our island. I volunteered to foster her as no one else could. AFCD was going to catch her and she would most likely be euthanised. She was injured and would have died if I didn’t help her. She needed a surgery and daily wound care for her injury.

Describe the sweetest moment you have with Jessie.

The first time Jessie let me give her a body massage/ belly rub as I knew she trusted me. She was so afraid when she came into my home initially. I didn’t know what temperament she had and was careful to keep her segregated from my two dogs. Jessie has been great, and never had any aggression or fear towards the other dogs of mine.

As a foster, what do you want to say to those who are considering to get a dog?

Please consider thoroughly, knowing that this is a long commitment. They are family. NEVER hit a dog. EVER. Learn to be a good pet parent. Go to dog training with your dog if needed. Look into raw diet. Also, fostering is definitely a great option when you are not fully sure if you are able to bear a lifetime commitment.

Last but not least, do you say hello to dogs you meet on the street?

ALWAYS! Lol I prefer dogs to people. When we are going to a house party I always secretly hope they have pets so I can hang out with them and avoid humans.

If you are interested in adopting Jessie or knowing her more, please contact and send Virginia a message:

Facebook: @virginia.macqueen.9 What’s app: (852) 5198 4183

Credit: Special thanks to Mr Kingson Tang for photos, video shooting & production, Ms Shona Tuisoso for voiceover. Nicolai Heidlas for music titled Morning Sun.


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  • Virginia MacQueen

    What a great story. Thank you.

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