Creating a safe home with dog and feline-friendly plants and flowers

Cotent approved by vet
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No one wants to poison our pets unknowingly just because we bring some plants and flowers into our home. Some popular indoor plants are in fact potentially toxic to dogs and cats. And as many pets can’t resist playing with and sampling living greenery, we need to be careful.

Here’s what you need to know…

Top pet-friendly plants:


4. Basil
5. Old Man Cactus
6. Boston fern
7. Reed Palm
8. Lady Palm
9. Dill
10. Venus Flytrap

Top pet-friendly flowers:


5. Alstromeria
6. Celosia
7. Marigolds
8. Orchids
9. Pansies
10. Petunia
11. Violets
12. Zinnia
13. Freesia
14. Fern Varieties
15. Lisianthus
16. *Lilies (safe for dogs, but very toxic to cats, Tiger, Day, Asiatic, Easter and Japanese Show lilies are all highly poisonous and can result in severe kidney failure)

Toxic flowers and plants to dogs and cats:

對貓狗無害和有毒的植物花卉 對貓狗無害和有毒的植物花卉

7. Aloe Vera
8. Amaryllis
9. Autumn Crocus
10. Azalea
11. Begonia
12. Cyclamen
13. Chrysanthemum
14. Dieffenbachia
15. Eucalyptus
16. Kalanchoe
17. Iris
18. Narcissus
19. Oleander
20. Poinsettia
21. Sago Palm
22. Wisteria
23. Castor Bean

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