Do we overly rationalise buying a pet?

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It’s easy and convenient to buy, we get it. All puppies in shops look cute, we agree. Sometimes “shopping” is impulsive, we’ve all been there. It’s difficult to see what’s behind the cages besides those adorable puppy eyes looking back at you, we’re here to help you see more clearly.

Hiding behind the puppies is their mum whom you don’t get to see, who lives a mostly neglected life in a filthy cage until she becomes covered in mammary tumours, too sick to reproduce to make money before being let go, while her litters of babies are displayed on shelf as commodities.

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The butterfly effect of buying a pet is more profound than what you know…

Buying inevitably fuels the demand of trade and gives incentives to breeding practice. And if it is run for profit maximisation, inhumane cost saving measures would be imposed on animals. Dozens of dogs confined in a cage covered in dirt without proper access to water and decent food. No exposure to the outside world because giving them exercises incurs intensive labor cost. No hygienic care given because only the puppies are being marketed. No medical care if dogs fall sick, resulting in disposal of “inferior commodities”. Do you really want to be a part of this business?

Embracing a life into yours is a beautiful journey especially when it is guilt-free.

By now, you find yourself become a cool person who knows better. If you are getting ready to care for a furry life, think of its mum whom you have power to save her from misery and yourself from feeling guilty.

Ten of thousands of dogs in shelters waiting for a home have every bit as much love to give as those from a breeder. By adopting a dog, you give hopes to the dog, another unprivileged dog who can now take a place in shelter to avoid being euthanised, and animal rescue workers who try burying their breaking hearts over the inability to help all dogs in need when shelters run out of space constantly.

What’s more powerful than giving hopes to humanity? And what’s more rewarding than knowing your choice of adoption over purchase is one that your (future) children will look up to?

Love doesn’t need to be bought.

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