Dog-friendly hiking (Bowen Road): for anyone of any age

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated time: 1.5 hours
Parking: Yes
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This is an ideal getaway for dogs of all sizes who enjoy an easy shady walking trail with picturesque view of Wan Chai and Central landscapes. A favorite of joggers, runners, dog walkers and families in Hong Kong Island due to its easy accessibility.

Starting point (option 1): From Stubbs Road where Hong Kong Adventist Hospital is right behind.

Starting point (option 2): If you wish to drive, go up from Kennedy Road to Bowen Drive. The end of it finds approximately 9 parking meters.

Right behind, Bowen Park invites children to the playground.

Starting point (option 3): The energetic can opt to start off midway from Wan Chai Gap Road if you don’t want a complete flat walk all the way. Look for the stairs with a sign “Bowen Road Walk” on Kennedy Road.

Leading to a 10-minute uphill pavement.

It’s not uncommon to see people walking dogs leisurely.

Rivers running through rocks, birds twittering. Sounds are as stimulating as visuals.

A detour to Lover’s stone, famous among some locals who come and pray for good fortune and life partners, especially during Maidens’ Festival in August.

90% shaded trail makes it perfect for any time of a day.

Lots of pavilions and benches available for rest.

Overlooking skyscrapers in Central and residential areas in Wan Chai, the trail is high up and away enough that noise is barely audible.

The full trail takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to walk, great for people of any age and at any level of physical fitness.

NOTE: there has been cases for dog poisoning, where some suspected rat poison were found at drainage and haystack. It is advised to watch out for your dogs from eating anything off the road.

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