Dog people! Smile with dog-themed stuff on a dining table

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I often wonder how to put a smile to fellow dog people’s faces in their everyday lives. What’s the better way to cheer up than having lovely dog-themed stuff you can eat or use on a dining table?

1. “Too cute to eat” feast

Everyone knows food is a multi-sensory experience that its presentation and smell are as crucial as its taste. This talented Korean chef knows it well and created these cute edible art on a plate. I am convinced if children are given this, they would happily devour it all. Maybe lots of pictures first. 愛狗人士玩意 愛狗人士玩意 愛狗人士玩意

Credit: follow @9th_london on Instagram for more inspirations!


2. Cake pops

Delicious cake pops themselves are already quite irresistible. When cake pops meet Boo, the most famous dog in the world with over 17.5 millions fans on facebook, it’s love at first sight. This can be an eye-catching centrepiece for dog-themed party goers with a sweet tooth. You can make it yourself, here’s the recipe. 愛狗人士玩意 愛狗人士玩意 愛狗人士玩意



3. Pug dish

This gorgeous Swedish kikki.K pug face dish is crafted with gold foil detailing. I could see myself using it as a sauce dish and enjoy the sight of this cute pug smiling back at me at the end of a meal. I secretly wish there were more dishes of other breeds available as a set. 愛狗人士玩意

Credit: kikki.K


4. Handmade wooden coasters

Plastic and acrylic coasters seem ordinary and a bit cold, while this set of four coasters made from plywood makes a great addition to your homeware with a warm touch. Dog silhouette in the middle comes in different shapes, including dachshund sausage dog, pug, border terrier and more. 愛狗人士玩意

Credit: Adventures Tea Parties at Etsy

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