How dogs make us better people

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If we could be more like dogs (although biologically impossible), if we can observe and learn from dogs, we become better versions of ourselves. Here’s why.

They share their treasures with one another. It’s not about how much you own, but how happy you derive from sharing valuables you can offer.

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They teach us to be silly sometimes. Enjoy ourselves, not afraid of how others think of us.

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Live every day with passion.  Appreciate simple things that life offers, be it a walk on a beach, the smell of grass and trees.

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They don’t judge.  Not based on your skin color, your look, your gender or your possession.

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Express love. You feel it upon a pat on your head, a lick on your teary face, undivided attention shown in their eyes.

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What else have you learnt from dogs? Tell us and add your comments below.

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