The world’s first emoji® themed pet playground to let you experience their world

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From now until 19 January, 2020, the first emoji® themed “Little One’s emoji® Journey” unveils at Square Mile in Kowloon. You can enjoy thrilling adventures, pet-themed market, pet academy (workshops) and more!

Experience the world from a dog’s perspective

Smell your way
The sense of smell dogs possess is 10,000 to 100,000 times better than humans. It makes dogs perceive differently. A gigantic dog food bowl sits at this zone, lets you smell the way dogs indulge in it.

See the world
Though the sight of dogs and cats is quite sensitive, the way they see the world is not as colourful as we, human, see. Research shows dogs can only see color tones of blue, yellow and purple, while cats can distinguish color tones of blue, green, purple and yellow. In this zone, you can experience the contrast between pets and us from sight. Also, don’t forget to make your way to photo booth where you and your pets can have pictures taken which will then be processed into colours that pets see. Feel free to add some emoji® stickers, making your pictures unique and memorable!

Walk to feel
Imagine paws after paws lying on the floor. Imagine walking on them as if you can interact with pets and feel what they feel.

Thrilling adventures for your pets

A huge slide, a playground bridge and other leisure facilities are for you and your pets to have a great time together!

What’s more? Dogs can freely play at the maze playground where treats, obstacles and toys are there to distract. If your dog can make his or her way out of the maze within time limit, you can get a bag of Fish4Dogs treat!

Pet Street

Come check out a street specifically for pets, with the height of everything catering for them. Full of interesting shops and transportation on this street, your pets can have role plays and become firemen, first aiders and have pictures taken!

“Little One’s emoji® Journey”

From now until 19 January, 2020
Monday – Friday: 4pm – 9pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 11am – 9pm
1/F and LG/F, Square Mile, 11 Li Tak Street, Tai Kok Tsui (near MTR Olympic Station Exit B)

Ticket Price
1 person + 1 pet / person $88
2 people + 1 pet / 2 people $148
Extra pet $40

*Get a specially designed pet scarf at an extra cost of $57 each.

You can purchase entry tickets online via cityline website, and purchase onsite on the spot.

Weekend workshops and seminars, emoji popup store and market

At weekends, a wide variety of pet-friendly activities awaits you – from doga, dog massage, dog training seminar, DIY pet snack and herbal remedies, to pet sitting seminar, first aid class and more.

Pet-themed market and emoji® popup store allow you to shop for special pet supplies, emoji® products in limited edition.

Hellodog will also co-host some of the pet-related educational seminars and fun-filled workshops as below:

Nov 23 (Sat)
● Free healthcare seminar: What is bugging you? Flea & Tick Control and Prevention >
Click here for details and booking
● Dog yoga workshop by Angela Lohse > Click here for details and booking

Nov 30 (Sat)
● Chinese herbal remedies DIY Workshop > Click here for details and booking
● Free seminar: Advanced nutrition on homemade diet for dogs > Click here for details and booking

Dec 1 (Sun)
● Free healthcare seminar: What is bugging you? Flea & Tick Control and Prevention > Click here for details and booking
● Dog massage workshop > Click here for details and booking

Sign with your paw print before leaving!

For more workshops, please visit cityline website.

Activities in January will be announced later. Please stay tuned.

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