Is increased blinking or holding an eye closed an act of cuteness?

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If you see one of your pet’s eye continuously closed or blink intensively for 24 hours or above. This can mean there’s something wrong with the eye. 

Eyeball is a very delicate organ, just like for humans. When we experience discomfort, such as dust entering into our eyes, we close them for a while to keep them moist to wash away the dirt – this is because we know exactly how this works. But animals cannot express the reason for closing their eyes to us. We, as pet guardians, can only use the length of their possible discomfort as an indicator. 

dog blinking

Occasional closing and blinking may be caused by dirt. However, if your pet closes his eyes for quite a long time, and if he is scratching with his paws, his eyeball may be damaged. The action of scratching might also aggravate the possible damage, so we need to be cautious and don’t dismiss this as if the pet is blinking to act cute!


× Forcibly open their eyes

× Rinse eyes with water or any over-the-counter drops


√ See a veterinarian immediately for an eye exam

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