The love story between dogs and food

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When dogs meet the love of their lives, namely food, their eyes lighten up. The excitement dogs feel cannot be contained, the anticipation of getting close heightens until they finally be together. How exactly is it like when dogs are drowning in “the sea of love”? These retouched pictures say better and louder than words.

A couple of fluffy Pomeranians soaking in addictive puppuccino.

Frenchie is snuggling up and napping in colourful macarons.

Crunchy poodle fingers are getting some sun and heat.

“It’s not vomit, nor drool. It’s my sweat of sweetness” lab confesses.

Puffy Bichon Frisé has her adorable big eyes fixed on you.

The tiny little French bulldog is keen on gentle caring.

Mr Tong thinks his date Rosemary smells really nice.

Sweet pup looks trapped in the pile of chocolate dreams.

Flat faced pugs and cookies are meant to be together.

dogs in foodSuch a pleasure sleeping in a comfy fluffy donut bed.

Photos credit: dogs_infood


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