【Pet Model】Renowned food connoisseurs and runners, often caught sight at Central and Western District

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Walnut and Wagyu, as whippets, are renowned for their running speed of light. Athletic, tall, beautifully curved. Having involved in Elle Men promotional video featuring a local actor Wong You Nam, in an interview by Pacific Place magazine and occasionally modelled for a French luxury brand, Maison Goyard, they are no strangers to camera and light. Full of potential to be featured in luxury, fashion and clothing, as well as gourmet scene.

Despite that Walnut and Wagyu are not biological siblings, they have things in common. Not only they both are crazy about food, they are respectable food connoisseur and VIP guests. They are often caught in restaurants in Central and Western districts on Hong Kong island, being well served with gourmet and water.

Their owner, Daniel, provides consulting services for food and beverage businesses, from operation, ingredients to design and etc. While visiting restaurants, he keeps his dogs by his side. “Like father like children” people say, Walnut and Wagyu’s taste in food has been naturally nurtured over time.

We have talked to Walnut and Wagyu, exclusively managed by Hellodog pet modelling agency, to find out more about their personalities, upbringing and perhaps quirky lifestyles.

hong kong pet model

hong kong pet model

hong kong pet model

Where did your names come from?

Walnut: My sister’s name starts with W, since I came to home after her, my dad wanted to follow “W” and called me “Walnut” because my dad loves to eat.

Wagyu:See black and white color on my amazing body which resembles to cows? That’s what my dad said. Since he loves wagyu, so I am given this name. To me, I look more than a princess than a cow.

Who is your favourite person?

Walnut: My daddy of course (IG @night.cap.stories). Thanks for adopting me and giving me a home!

Wagyu: Me too, I love my daddy most, clinging to him with my dear life.

What is your favourite to eat?

Walnut: I love beef and chicken.

Wagyu: Dry meat nibbles, not too dry and crispy. I prefer those soft types. Though I am picky about food, I am as professional as my nickname “food vacuum” suggests. Once I am turned on, nothing edible gets away.

Favourite toys?

Walnut: I love food to the point that what I often play with is also food. I cannot get my mouth off from the calf bone my dad brought back from Germany. I have been nibbling it for over 6 months…haha.

Wagyu: I just love chewing off Donald Trump toy. Another favourite of mine is a plastic chicken which screams as I bite it! I don’t touch my bro’s possessions, not that I am scared of him but I respect him a lot.

Where do you like to hang out most?

Walnut: Restaurants must be. I cruise in Central and Western districts quite often, come say hi if you see me, wouldn’t you?

Wagyu: I love running at parks such as Tamar Park, and restaurants including Blend & Grind in Wan Chai and Rajasthan Rifles at the Peak. People recognise me!

Who are your best friends?

Walnut & Wagyu: Of course it’s Dooby (IG @doobygo). She is our neighbour, 1-year-old mongrel sweetheart!

What do you like doing at home?

Walnut: My former owner didn’t want me anymore. I feel abandoned. Now when my dad isn’t home with me, I would spend most of the time standing by the window and waiting.

Wagyu: Sleep. I love hugs and sleep for over 10 hours.

What do you hate most?

Walnut: I know I look strong, but deep down I am timid. Don’t know why I am scared of noise such as car horn and bike bells, and other dogs especially shiba and golden retriever. Perhaps because I wasn’t taken out in my past life, I am inclined to be shy out on street.

Wagyu: I don’t like sleeping on hard floor. Duh… I am a princess. I remember one time I was exhausted and I wanted to lie down but only found no bed or blanket. Oh well, I kept sitting up until my dad laid down a bed for me. Now he knows better!

hong kong pet model

hong kong pet model

hong kong pet model

Photography: Paws Studio
Editors: Sarah Li & Joanne Lui
Pet models: Walnut & Wagyu exclusively managed by Hellodog
Shoes: Nike


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