The rare hidden gem at the Peak

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As we all know, the Peak guarantees the best views of Victoria Harbour and unique landscape of Hong Kong. It also promises a 45-minute circle (loop) leisure walk on Lugard road, and a couple of outdoor seating restaurants for you and your dogs to enjoy.

What you probably don’t know is a hidden haven of spacious lawn to roam and picnic in old British Victorian-styled ambience.

It’s Victoria Peak Garden we refer to. Unlike the rest of all dog banning public parks in Hong Kong, pets are welcome in this garden. Let’s take a moment to imagine lying on real grassy lawn and getting a bit of sun, while your dogs roam freely and safely in this open space. It’s another world from the busy tourist-packed Peak Tower and Peak Galleria commercial area.

How to get there?

Once you arrive the Peak Tower, head uphill from Mount Austin Road (it’s near The Peak Lookout Cafe), it’s about 20-minute walk before arriving. Alternatively, drive or take a taxi, there is car parking facility.

Along Mount Austin Road, you will find this beautiful declared monument former gate lodge which you occasionally see couples using it as a pre-wedding photoshoot location. Here also serves as a viewing platform to take in the sight of Hong Kong island.

The Victoria Peak Garden greets you with a long staircase under arching lush trees like a downhill tunnel.

A secret dog-friendly garden of stone pillars, pergolas and benches with old Victorian-era style.

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