Scientific study proves looking at cute animal photos can save your romantic love life

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According to a scientific study done by Department of Psychology in universities in the US, looking at images of adorable creatures help better your relationship with partners. It sounds surprising, right?

The researchers were skeptical at first too like we all do, but the evidence confirms this theory. Over the course of 6 weeks, they studied 144 couples under 40 from Florida who had been married for less than five years. Each couple was asked to fill in surveys to rate their current marital satisfaction before being divided into two groups. Every 3 days, the participants were asked to look at a set of images. One set contained neutral images of everyday objects, while the other set contained images of cute animals. Mixed into both sets were also pictures of the participant’s partner.

The surprising results showed that the participants who viewed the cute animals showed a more positive reaction to their partners than they had at the beginning of the experiment. Additionally, new surveys showed that the level of their marital satisfaction had actually improved.

Pictures of puppies is surely not a cure for all relationship woes, but it’s certainly wouldn’t hurt doing so as an attempt to restore love or simply to get a warm feeling in our own hearts!

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cute animal picture

Study published on Sage Journals written by James K. McNulty, Micheal A. Olson, Rachael E. Jones, Laura M. Acosta

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