Sound-related high tech gadgets to improve our dogs’ lives

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We love technologies that can solve real-life problems. Not those that simply look cool. Today, we bring you the latest wondrous gadgets using ultrasonic technology to keep dogs safe from ticks and help dogs cope with stressful situations.

Chemical-free preventive care against ticks and fleas

For those of you who favour natural non-toxic and scientifically tested products. Tickless worths your attention. It issues series of low frequency ultrasonic pulses which can act on ticks and fleas, keeping them away from dogs, in a range of around 1,5m coverage. Since the way it works is chemical free and non-invasive, dogs of any sizes and ages, including puppies and lactating females, can safely use it all year round with zero side effect.

With 10-12 months battery life and the weight of 10 grams, this electronic device thoughtfully comes in with 5 colours so our dogs can look nice too. Remember not to mistaken it as a treatment to get rid of parasites completely (which a pharmacologically active product should be applied), but consider it as a prevention of new infestation.

Exclusive distributor: Hubby Rose Limited Suggested retail price: HK$258


Deep relaxation system to ease stress

Do you have a dog who sometimes displays anxiety or hyper-active behaviour that might indicate the dog is under stress? RelaxoDog, developed in a research for over 5 years by Dr Frank Bendix from Germany, aims to help dogs cope with stressful situations such as at dog hotel, during car journey, home alone, vet visit, annoying loud noise like firework and storm etc. Designed to match to special hearing of different animals, its technology applies 6 high frequency ultrasonic modules, inaudible to humans, to create a relaxing atmosphere for dogs. You can also opt to add music onto it for your own pleasure.

The average playing time of this easy-to-carry device is 36 hours, more than enough for a full-day outing without charging battery.

Exclusive distributor: Faith Max Enterprise Limited Suggested retail price: HK$1,380

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