Weekend Idea (Mar 24 & 25): “Paws by the Sea” 2018 at Stanley Plaza brings you seaside travel experience

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This year, Link’s Stanley Plaza is hosting its annual “Paws by the Sea” with the theme “Paws on Tour” from 24 March to 2 April 2018, making it Hong Kong’s first seaside travel and camping experience. With a lot of activities on offer, you might want to “strategize” your itinerary to avoid missing something you want to do or see.

So, what to expect on Mar 24 (Sat) and Mar 25 (Sun)?

What to see:

1. A one-of-a-kind camper van, designed by Judson Beaumont, a renowned product designer from Canada, that allows you and your dogs to get on and admire.

Paws by the sea

Paws by the sea

2. Designed by students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a series of customised doggie carriers are showcased. These carriers are designed to travel with a scooter or a car to ensure dogs are kept safely on the go. Paws by the seaDesign Concept: This carrier is made of PVC materials with a cushion inside the travel compartment so that the dogs can enjoy their journey comfortably.

Paws by the seaDesign Concept: This doggie carrier provides a cozy home for the dog when the carrier is detached from a traditional scooter.

What to do:

3. Doggie Contests: Join to showcase your dog’s talents in the “where are my snacks”, “packing suitcase”, “ready for boarding” and “take off & landing” contests from 1:45pm to 4:30pm on Mar 24 (Sat). To enroll, you can call the organiser at 6797 1937 or log into Link’s “Park & Dine” app (spots available on a first-come-first-served basis). Alternatively, spectators and cheerleaders are welcome. Paws by the sea

4. Guinness World Records Challenge: It’s almost a ritual for Stanley Plaza to break a record, and this year, the goal is to create of “the largest photo album” which printed photos of pre-selected dog participants will be displayed. It’s happening from 3pm – 5pm on Mar 25 (Sun). Paws by the sea

5. Travel Packages: Stanley Plaza is partnering with Life Travel on two exclusive local bus tours to explore Hong Kong’s famous attractions, and an overseas travel package to Okinawa. Details will be announced during Mar 24 & 25. Paws by the sea

6. Travel Sharing: Viu TV host of “Best Flying Furries BFF”, among others, will share their personal experience of travelling overseas with dogs on Mar 25 (Sun).

7. DIY Mart: Shop from a number of pet brands and snacks for both humans and doggies from 12noon to 6pm on the G/F in Murray House, available on both days. Also, StanleyPlaza’s tenants like the Dog’s Garden on the 4/F will offer discount on event days.

8. Charity: Animals Asia Foundation, an animal welfare organisation dedicated to advocate dog and cat welfare in Hong Kong and China, end bear bile farming as well as stop abuse and suffering of captive animals, is the beneficiary of this event. All proceeds from 99 Bus ticket sale will go to this organisation. You can buy their merchandises, learn more about their work, follow them on their Facebook and make donations on-site at their booth on Mar 24 & 25. Paws by the sea

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