Strong bond between children and their pets

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Do you know dogs can be so more than pets that need taken care of? They can be your children’s best friend, baby sitter, guardian, teacher… Now see how the evidence reveals.

A heater that keeps you warm in winter.

A secret keeper whom children trust and talk to.

A pillow who exhibits patience and let humans rest on.

A generous kisser who let you practice your skill.

A loyal follower who looks up to its leader.

A fluffy CCTV that keeps human babies closely monitored and safe around the clock.

A supportive buddy who stands by you during difficult time (time-out punishment in this case).

A playmate who shares the same passion about whatever activity you feel like doing.

Last but not least, a gentle soul with love who can feel what you feel.

Let us know if you agree that they are adorable together!

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