The 10 must-follow inspiring celebrity dogs

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Dogs’ instagram accounts have more fans than yours is not news. Digging deeper to explain this phenomena besides the inherent cuteness part of dogs, we look at inspirational “dog leaders” of the pack embodying values that we human also value.

Harlow and Sage (Besties)

Harlow, the Weimaraner, and Sage were best friends and did everything together until Sage passed away from old age in 2013. Now joined Harlow’s family are Indiana and Reese, the miniature Dachshunds. Besides looking after their pups, the human guardians are also active in fostering and using their fame to raise fund and awareness for rescued groups in the US. More…明星狗 明星狗 明星狗

Topi the Gorgi (The Comedy Actor)

If you don’t know Topi, you are missing out some great laughs in life. He was born in 2014 in Finland and soon after adopted by his creative pawrents who turn him into the best actor/ comedian. Surely, he has his Youtube channel and his “tinder date” video is one of the funniest with over 150K views! Check it out below.


Manswear Dog (The Fashionista)

Born and raise in New York, he is a highly sought-after fashionista in the modelling industry. His fashion sense with the help of styling talents is unparalleled. More… 明星狗 明星狗 明星狗


Maddie on Things (The Adventurist)

Maddie’s pawrent, Theron Humphrey, is a talented photographer and frequent traveller. When you skim through pictures on his IG, you couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous of his life with his family in the wild. More…

明星狗 明星狗 明星狗 明星狗


My Whiskey Girl (The Princess)

Whisky, a Hungarian Vizsla, has been living the best life in Vancouver. As an avid traveller, she is always on the go with her pawrents through the top of mountains into mysterious lush forest. More…

明星狗 明星狗 明星狗


Wolf Gang (Ambassador of Senior Pets)

For Steve, the pawrent of 8 rescued senior dogs, Stuart the rabbit, Bikini the pig and possibly more, love is regardless of species and age. This adorable bunch is constantly under the spotlight to encourage adoption of senior shelter animals. More…

明星狗 明星狗 明星狗


_Wand_Wand (The Minimalist)

Meet Yoji, a Whippet living happily in Berlin, Germany. The pawent adores minimalist photography style which speaks cohesiveness and elegant charm. More…

明星狗 明星狗


Tuna (Cross Breed Cutie)

Tuna is a “Chiweenie”, a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. As a special and beautiful pup, he was rescued at young age and has a visibly large overbite that makes his top teeth stick out. It’s imperfection that makes him so perfect and popular, winning over 1.9M followers on Instagram. More…明星狗 明星狗 明星狗


Manny the Frenchie (The Spokesperson)

Among many famous French bulldogs, Manny the frenchie is so far the most followed and known to regularly donate to charity. He is in high demand for print ads, TV commercials and even movies. More…

明星狗 明星狗 明星狗


Tamanegi Qoo Riku (The Guardians)

This IG account is all about capturing the beautiful moments of life between 3 standard poodles and a baby girl in Japan, from playing, eating, sleeping together. More…

明星狗 明星狗 明星狗

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All photos are via their respective Instagram accounts.


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