Two thousand stray dogs witnessed the marriage of their caretakers

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Two thousand dogs, one animal-loving couple. This love story started with a Singaporean groom who came across a dog shelter, Homeless & Orphan Pet Exist (HOPE), in Malaysia by chance and decided to move there in 2015 so he could become their full-time volunteer while offering pet transportation services for a living.

While some people think it is crazy to give up his old life which guarantees high income and comfortable living condition, this groom feels that if everyone really thinks this way, stray dogs would end up miserable and helpless. Instead, he thinks what he gains is priceless, the beautiful wife whom he met and work together at the shelter, and a fulfilling life without regrets.

This couple wanted to share the joy of their marriage with the two thousand dogs they have been caring for by including them in their wedding photography at the very shelter, and therefore began the search for photographers who were willing to take up this challenging task. Just about to give up after multiple rejections by potential photography teams, they were able to snap up Isaac Wedding Vogue for the job, as they are dog lovers who feed strays every day too.

With tropical plants and makeshift like shelter as the backdrop, doggies happily participated in this memorable photoshoot which let go of traditional style and white wedding dress. The final outcome was edgy and unconventional in terms of the overall photography mood and styling choices. Here’s the creative work for your eyes.

Photos credit: Great Daily & Isaac Wedding Vogue


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