World’s first art exhibition for dogs

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Who says art is only for humans to appreciate? The first art interactive exhibition ever, created by experiential artist Dominic Wilcox, invited our curious canines to appreciate paintings, leap into a huge bowl of balls, catch virtual frisbees and more.

Commissioned by More Than, the interactive installation’s mission is to encourage humans to play more with their pets.

Paintings on a wall at dog eye-level in the blue-yellow colour spectrum (colours that dogs can see)

A gigantic 10-feet-wide bowl filled with food-like-balls in which dogs are encouraged to dive in

An open car-window simulator with a giant fan that wafted scents of smelly shoes and raw meat through the air

A virtual Frisbee game which dogs can play

Though we had no chance to experience it first-hand in Hong Kong, you can watch this video below to see what went down. Hope more of these innovative activities to come.


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