【Exclusive rent discount】Classy old Hong Kong styled pet-friendly Apartment O

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Home is not just a place to sleep, but a sanctuary for you to rest in comfort and at times be inspired. Apartment O takes you and your beloved pets back to the glamorous 1930s Hong Kong and spoils you with lavish lifestyle and attentive services.

Whether you are here in Hong Kong for business or leisure, or want a short term luxurious stay with your pets, immersing in this welcoming and fully-serviced apartment space in Causeway Bay or Happy Valley is guaranteed an unique experience that no other hotels can compare to.

Hellodog readers can get an exclusive offer of $1,000 or above (per month) rent off, simply contact us via email info@hellodog.hk or whatsapp at 6460 8247 and we will help arrange a visit for you (advanced booking through us is required).

What’s special about Apartment O?

◆ Unique old lavish Hong Kong styled home environment
◆ Decorated with a blend of classic and Chinese contemporary art pieces
◆ Superior and accommodating service that past guests rate highly
◆ Tea and coffee rooms, cigar rooms, gym, shared patio for maximum luxury and relaxation

Apartment O Causeway Bay: Art is an essential part of lavish lifestyle.
Apartment O Causeway Bay: All apartments are blessed with plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air.
Apartment O Causeway Bay: Luxury speaks for itself in bathrooms equipped with jacuzzi, separated shower and premium amenities. 
Apartment O Causeway Bay: Old Shanghai styled living room and dining area.
Apartment O Causeway Bay: Antique furnitures, carefully thought-out finishing and decor evokes nostalgia. 
Apartment O Causeway Bay: Another old Hong Kong styled home blended with modern comfort.
Apartment O Causeway Bay: (Left) Chilling on the balcony is indeed a pleasure. (Right) Surround yourself with Chinese contemporary art pieces at home may keep you inspired all day.
Apartment O Happy Valley: This featured apartment embodies vintage style, contrasting to skyscrapers outside.
Apartment O Happy Valley: This featured apartment is the one and only. First come first served.
Apartment O Happy Valley: All other flats aim to create the maximum comfort.
Apartment O Happy Valley: Amenities included are not only functional, but also stylish and high performing. 
Apartment O Happy Valley: All flats enjoy panoramic view of Happy Valley racecourse. With sound-proof huge windows, you can enjoy peace and quiet without any compromise.
Apartment O Happy Valley: One apartment on each floor, whose access to and control of lift only by your key cards, it means you can take advantage of the lobby area of your floor any way you want. This provides great security and privacy.
Apartment O Happy Valley: Beside this amazing view, you can go down to exercise in this Happy Valley recreation ground and running track if you prefer exercising outdoor. 
This indoor 5-star gym facilities can keep your fitness goals too. 

Newly opened 1-bedroom apartment in Happy Valley:

◆ 670 sq.ft. (gross)
◆ each unit can enjoy full racecourse view
◆ One unit per floor for ultimate privacy
◆ Fully-equipped kitchenette with washer-dryer and brand new appliances
◆ Free wifi and Pay TV
◆ Housekeeping service
◆ 5-star hotel gym facilities
◆ Outdoor leisure area with BBQ facilities
◆ HK$45,000up/ month (Rate is negotiable if you stay for 3 months or more)

1 to 3-bedroom apartment in Causeway Bay:

◆ 1,020-1,500 sq.ft. with balcony (gross)
◆ Ensuite master bathroom including a jacuzzi
◆ Fully-equipped kitchenette, separate dining area
◆ Free wifi and PayTV
◆ Housekeeping service
◆ Lounge with amenities
◆ Cigar rooms
◆ 5-star hotel gym facilities
◆ HK$88,000up/ month (Rate is negotiable if you stay for 3 months or more)

If you have any enquiries, would like to schedule an apartment visit and get $1,000+ rent discount offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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