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Vaccination Reminder Tool

Be generous and let your pet loving friends get this free tool.

You have now successfully activated your dog’s vaccination reminder. Your friends may want it too, why not sharing with them?

To help you keep track of all vaccines needed for your dog(s):

  • Get email reminder a week prior to due dates, reminding you to take action.

  • Get an eRecord of your dog’s vaccines with the next due dates and add notes on health status.

You must log in to proceed. If you are not yet a member, please click here to register because your email address is required for us to send you notifications.

Please have your vaccination record card at hand now. If not, please contact your clinic to retrieve the record.

Step 1

  • If you don’t remember the exact date, it’s okay, make your best estimation.

This tool automatically calculates the next due dates of vaccines required for your ease of use. If you wish to amend the vaccine duration, you can, simply click “change date” option and enter the date recommended by your veterinarian marked on your dog’s record card of vaccination. More details for the suggested vaccine duration are here.


Step 2

  • Against Distemper (D), Infectious Hepatitis (H), Parvovirus (P), Parainfluenza (Pi), and basic Leptospirosis (L).

    Look for vaccine stickers with “DHPPi”, and usually with another sticker with “L” or “Lepto”. Examples like:
  • This is only an approximate date calculated based on the date of birth.
  • Change date?

  • Required by HK law and dog license is acquired or renewed at the time of this vaccination. First shot on or before 5 months of age and then once every 3 years.

    Look for vaccine stickers with “Rabies” or some other short forms “Rabixxx(R)” or “xxxrab(R)” as a brand name.

  • This is only an approximate date calculated based on the date of birth.
  • Change date?

  • Either monthly oral tablet (e.g. Heartgard) or topical drop applied on the skin (e.g. Revolution) or annual injection (e.g. Porheart).

    A vaccine sticker example:

  • Change date

Step 3

Some dogs are suggested to be vaccinated against more deceases than others, depending on your veterinarian’s recommendation.

  • For example: Protech(R) BB and Nobivac(R) KC against Bordetella bronchiseptica

  • You will be notified of vaccine due dates via the below email address. If you prefer another email address, please tell us.


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